A Nano Workout is Better than No Workout

Nano workouts are trending. People are too busy to find time in their schedules to go to the gym and workout. It’s not just the hour of working out, but driving to the gym, changing clothes and other time consuming variables that add up to the same amount of time we spend exercising at the gym! What’s a Nano Workout you ask? It is a workout someone can do while they are at their desk at work, riding on the bus, watching TV, or any other situation you find yourself in throughout the day in which you can get in a mini-workout. For example, while watching TV, you can perform a hip flexor stretch that will lead to increased agility as a result of toning your thighs and hips. Hip flexors can be performed simply standing in front of your couch and rest one foot on the backrest of the couch, then rest the knee of that leg on the couch and slightly lunge your hips towards the TV. This simple exercise can really help shape up your lower body. Calf raises are easy to perform with limited time and space. It is hard to imagine a place where one can’t get a few dozen calf raises in. Push-ups and sit-ups are other quick fixes to a lethargic day at school or the office.

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